CHAI Foundation for Medical Research & Life Extension, Inc. (CHAI Foundation), a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, was formed twenty-four years ago to find and fund research into effective but less toxic forms of cancer therapy.

In the fields of medicine and the healing arts, too often a popular theory becomes established as the acceptable thinking of the day and leaves little room for those who might have a more unique or creative approach to a problem.

Often these promising avenues are largely ignored, or overlooked, because they do not conform to currently held views by the majority of those in the research industry.

In science, truth is not based on majority rule; many of today’s scientific truths were once non-conforming, even heretical, theories. Research dollars, however, often follow only the most popular theories.

CHAI Foundation was formed to give those brilliant, credentialed, creative thinkers and researchers an opportunity to help humanity their way.


CHAI Foundation has identified an anti-neoplastic material that destroys cancerous cells without the toxicity of current modalities.

We seek collaboration with another research group due to the loss of our world-class Research Director, Dr. Eric Reeder Brown, M.D., Ph.D. Virology, Ph.D. Immunology, M.S. Microbiology, B.A. Biology & Chemistry, to an unfortunate accident.

His loss has put us into a “Catch 22” in that we cannot apply for regular grants as they require the name of the Primary Investigator (P.I.), and we need the funding to hire same to continue the work!

Dr. Brown earlier identified a promising novel immunotherapeutic cancer research treatment breakthrough designated “Protein B(LPN)” which appears to affect several cancer sites.

The active material is a biological agent resulting from a pre-treated serum found to enhance the immune system by particularly enhancing Beta cells, causing them to strengthen specific anti-cancer antibodies. (Because of Protein B(LPN)’s affect on Beta cells, we believe it should also be tested in Diabetes). Various researchers are recognizing a cancer-diabetes connection. (For example, see American Institute for Cancer Research — AICR).

We have ascertained that this anti-cancer material is non-toxic to animals and man; that it shows varying degrees of effectiveness on several cancer sites, i.e., amelioration, regression, and/or complete disappearance of tumor; that pain relief has been noted; and it appears to cross the blood-brain barrier. (While not the norm, the drug has been noted on occasion to begin tumor necrosis within 72 hours).

According to Dr. Brown, Not only is Protein B(LPN) believed to be a hormone, but it destroys the cell membrane and the cytoplasm of the cell. This sheds a whole new explanation on how cancer cells are destroyed in the body.”

He added, “The material could become a preventative with future work.

With proper collaboration, and funding for same, we estimate it could take approximately nine (9) months to reproduce a new batch of the anti-neoplastic material and run comparative tests to former studies – leading to an early IND application for human studies in the U.S.

Dr. Brown’s research may well prove cancer to be one disease – or a variation thereof – as opposed to the accepted idea that it is scores of diseases.

Dr. Brown theorized that “cancer was caused by a virus or a virus particle.” And that the material that genes are composed of are the same as that of viruses.”

Earlier research showed that a murine (mouse) virus modified a particular chromosome that caused leukemia. His discovery of the same he named, “S63”.


We need your small to large tax-deductible donations.

These monies will be used to continue this promising research by corroborating CHAI Foundation’s cancer research treatment breakthrough findings, and help us bring this to the public and save lives.

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