CHAI Foundation for Medical Research & Life Extension, Inc. (CHAI Foundation), a nineteen-year-old 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Phoenix, AZ, has identified an anti-neoplastic material that destroys cancerous cells without the toxicity of current modalities.

With future work it could be a preventative.

We seek collaboration with another research group due to the loss of Dr. Eric R. Brown, our world-class Research Director and Microbiologist (M.D., Ph.D. Virology & Immunology) to an unfortunate accident.

Dr. Brown earlier identified a promising immunotherapeutic cancer research treatment breakthrough designated “Protein B(LPN)” which appears to affect several cancer sites.

We have ascertained that this anti-cancer material is non-toxic to animals and man; that it shows varying degrees of effectiveness on several cancer sites, i.e., amelioration, regression, and/or complete disappearance of tumor; that pain relief has been noted; and it appears to cross the brain-barrier.

The mechanism for Protein B(LPN) is that it enhances the immune system by particularly enhancing Beta cells causing them in turn to strengthen specific anti-cancer antibodies which attack and destroy malignant cells without harming normal cells.

The active material is a biological agent which results from a pre-treated serum injected into a particular large animal strain. The serum causes the animal’s system to create an immune-stimulating antibody. The resulting antineoplastic material produced by the animal is checked for potency via blood draw which is treated, then injected into an endogenous mouse model with natural-occurring breast cancer. Dr. Brown stated it gave the large animal itself life-time immunity from neoplastic disease.

According to Dr. Brown, Not only is Protein B(LPN) a hormone, but it destroys the cell membrane and the cytoplasm of the cell. This sheds a whole new explanation on how cancer cells are destroyed in the body.”

He added, “The material could become a preventative with future work.

Dr. Brown furthermore held a theory as from which organ in the body the hormone or autocoid originates.

A Preliminary Patent Application (PPA) has been filed.

Funding for Collaboration is needed to:

(1) reproduce a new batch of formula

(2) conduct a viability test on a special endogenous mouse model exhibiting natural-occurring breast tumors during maturation, and comparing it to earlier test results on this model.

(3) carry out a new clinical test on some 50 patients for comparison with an earlier patient study done outside the U.S.

With proper collaboration, and funding for same, we estimate it could take approximately nine (9) months to reproduce a new batch of the anti-neoplastic material and run comparative animal tests to earlier studies – leading to an early IND application for human studies in the U.S. for comparison to those done outside the U.S. by Dr. Brown – with very exciting and promising results.

(1) Dr. Brown’s research may well prove cancer to be one disease – or a variation thereof – as opposed to the accepted idea that it is scores of diseases.

(2) Dr. Brown theorized that “cancer was caused by a virus or a virus particle.” And that the material that genes are composed of are the same as that of viruses.”

(3) Earlier research showed that this virus modified a particular chromosome – which he identified – that he said grows smaller rather than larger – which is how, for instance, an individual gets leukemia.

(4) The active material is a biological agent resulting from a pre-treated serum found to enhance the immune system by particularly enhancing Beta cells, causing them to strengthen specific anti-cancer antibodies. (Because of Protein B(LPN)’s affect on Beta cells, we are considering the possibility of the drug also having an effect in Diabetes – but separate research in this area would have to be undertaken to properly verify).

(5) We have ascertained that this anti-cancer material appears to cross the brain barrier.

Additional confidential information can be shared via an NDA with interested collaborators at an accredited research center who have – or can obtain – the funding for the collaboration.

CHAI Foundation

POB 30603

Phoenix, AZ 85046

Phone: 602-996-6291(MST)

Email: inquiries@chaifoundation.org

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