The efforts of CHAI Foundation are based on the belief that there are “many roads to Rome”. In the fields of medicine and the healing arts, too often a popular theory becomes established as the only acceptable thinking of the day and leaves little room for those who might have a more unique or creative approach to a problem.

CHAI Foundation, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization was formed to give those brilliant, creative thinkers and researchers an opportunity to help humanity their way.

Through the dedication and expertise of its all-volunteer staff and associates (local, national, and international law firms, CPA firm, Board of Directors, CEO, web designer, and internet maintenance company, for the past nineteen years, the Foundation has given close to ninety (90%) percent of its incoming tax-deductible donations to research.

With the loss of our brilliant world-class Research Director to an unfortunate accident, and the need for – and addition of – a collaborating organization and its paid personnel, facilities, etc., we do not expect in the near future to be able to maintain this incredible and unheard of percentage. However, our dedication is such that although tax-deductible donations will not necessarily continue to be ninety (90%) percent going directly to research, they will continue to enjoy a significantly high percent.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to:

CHAI Foundation
P. O. Box 30603
Phoenix, Arizona 85046 U.S.A.

Or via Pay Pal using the link on the left.

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