Ovarian Cancer

The American Cancer Society (ACS) states that Ovarian cancer is the ninth most common cancer in women (not counting skin cancer), and ranks fifth as the cause of cancer death in women. Of those women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, about half are 60 or older. They also state that it is more common in white women that African-American women.

The ACS’s most recent estimates for ovarian cancer in the United States for 2011 is: about 21,900 new cases of diagnosed ovarian cancer, and approximately 15,460 deaths from the disease.

While the exact cause(s) of ovarian cancer is not known, there are some risk factors involved. However, having a risk factor, or many risk factors does not mean that you will get the disease.

Following is CHAI Foundation’s summary of aggregate organs or types of cancer in primary tumors or as result of metastasis, treated earlier outside the U.S. in 35 patients by our late world-class research director, Dr. Eric R. Brown M.D., Microbiologist, Ph.D. Virology and Ph.D. Immunology.

Adrenal Cortex, bone, brain, breast, chest, colon, glioma of the ocular nerve, heart, kidney, leukemia, liver, lung, lymph nodes. melanoma, ovary, pancreas, prostate, rectum, spine, spleen, stomach, testicle, uterus.

CHAI Foundation for Medical Research seeks collaboration estimated at 12 to 18 months on this groundbreaking cancer research treatment.

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